Listen to "On-Air" recordings of 1910-20's era Vintage Rigs including a Spark Gap transmitter

Here's an MP3 file of VE3BHW's Hartley transmitter running 2 watts.
(the weaker of the two signals) The other one is W2ZM's Old time rig.
Courtesy of Ralph Cameron VE3BBM.




VE3BBN's Spark Gap Transmitter




Again, thanks to Ralph Cameron, VE3BBM, there are two recordings of VE3DVX's spark gap transmitter which was on the air Dec. 12 at 2100 EST (with special govenrment permission). Listen here: Recording #1, Recording #2

VE3BBN's also provided his own recording of the Spark Gap in operation.

VE3BBN near St.Catharines, Ontario running 20 W. He had permission to operate for one hour transmitting the word" Marconi" and the letter "S" ( three dots) each 30 second interval.

Another recording of this transmission was made by Paul Denby VE3VDX at his station.




More Pics of VE3BBN's Rotary Spark Gap